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Sales Manager

Janne Jantunen
(+358) 40 091 9922

Sales / HoReCa

Antti Rastas
(+358) 50 493 7192


Eva Nikkola
(+358) 40 776 3101

Brewery tours
(+358) 40 168 5271

(+358) 40 198 4567
Phone calls only.


Tuomas Markkula
(+358) 40 736 2894


Where to buy our beers?

You can buy our beers from K-Citymarkets, Prismas and well-equipped supermarkets around the country. Our beers are also sold in Alko shops »

Pubs and restaurants

High-end pubs have our beers too. As quality beer goes well-together with good food, Malmgård can often be found on restaurant drink menus. Keep an eye out and try our beers with your dinner!

Brewery and visits

Malmgård’s Brewery is located in Loviisa, 1 hour away from Helsinki. We organize tours and beer tastings at the brewery always by request. Call us for more details at 040 168 5271 or drop us an email at Let’s plan a fun visit for you together!

Estate shop

The estate shop operates just alongside the brewery and sells freshly brewed beers, estate-produced delicacies and other produce from local farmers. You can take a peak at the brewery in action at the same go!
Opening hours >>

Location and address

Malmgård’s brewery locates in East-Uusimaa. 1h of driving from Helsinki.

Malmgård 53
07720 Malmgård